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Heyland Development, LLC (HDC) is a privately held real estate development and construction company that builds and manages property in the residential and commercial market in the New England area. With over 20 years of experience in the development business, HDC has built a portfolio of property that has proven to withstand the demanding fluctuations of the market while retaining quality and value of all its property. Clients include a wide range of people from all aspects of the real estate business including land owners, developers, home buyers, real estate professionals, builders, management companies, schools and hotels. HDC has developed property independently and with partnership arrangements with other professionals.

Erik Heyland PE

Erik Heyland, P.E.

Erik Heyland, P.E.


With over 25 years of experience in the land development and property management business, Mr. Heyland brings a vast realm of expertise in all aspects of engineering, construction and management of residential and commercial real estate projects. His experience stems from his educational background in Civil Engineering and has Professional Registrations in multiple states. Over the last two decades he has expanded his business into a thriving real estate development and management company. As President of Heyland Development, LLC he has created several business entities all relative to the selling, leasing and renting of space in residential and commercial projects. As a member of the Franchise Advisory Committee in the Microtel brand at Wyndham Hotel Group, Mr. Heyland provides assistance in an advisory role and offers valuable input concerning the execution and operations of the Microtel brand. While under the direction and management of Mr. Heyland, the Microtel Inn & Suites in York and Windham, Maine and its award winning staff has continued to outperform its competitors each year since opening in 2008 and is among the best in class in its market territory. Mr. Heyland’s experience in property management and construction will prove to be a valuable resource to all clients.

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